InstaLive: Ask Me Anything

Fielding questions from the community about everything mysterious and esoteric.

What Are We About?

A 60 second rundown of our plan to takeover the world... with love.

#2: Mindfulness, Music, and Spirit Science

Discussing how art and beauty matter very much to the human race as individuals and collectively. Maybe it's something we should devote more time and energy to...

Intro to Shamanic Philosophy

I think we live at an landmark time in the human story, when change is needed more than ever. Cool thing is, I think we actually have the community to do it. This is where we meet.

Cover Music

I Ain't Marching Anymore

Punk Cover of Phil Ochs' 1968 protest song with a punk twist. I'm pretty proud of the bassline if nothing else.


The Awakening

An original I wrote and performed to generate some love, faith, and action at a time when we all need it.

NF#13: Empowering Yourself & Others

Learn to do what you love. Learn to empower others. Do both daily.


Happy Thursday Song

A nifty little jingle to share with your friends on any given Thursday.

Shamanic Philosophy Learning

Mental Math: Solving by Color

It's like paining by numbers, but the opposite. Trying to figure out how we can use our neurological resources more efficiently and effectively.

Enlighten: Brain Games

Quick Reference Guide to Brain Anatomy

This Mayfield Clinic website is one of many available such guides. Use as tools to teach yourself and others basic neuroscience.

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