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This single web page for Mayfield Clinic is a valuable tool for learning and teaching basic neuroscience. Understanding this and helping our kids to understand it, helps us all better understand our thoughts, emotions, and actions. This gives us more control over our life, our happiness, and our future.

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Interesting study on plant intelligence - even telepathy. Looking forward to more work on this. Fits well into a big Chris Langan-type thing I'm working on. Will keep you posted on this, and appreciate all info you have.



Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon in which different parts of the brain which usually do not talk to each other, do just that. This allows Daniel to see numbers, letters, and words as colorful, dynamic shapes in his mind's eye. In many cases, he also experiences emotion associated with different numbers. He learned conversational Icelandic (the world's most difficult language to learn) in a few hours and memorized Pi to something like 25,000 decimal places.

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