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Cool Science Apps for Everyone

A young Nikola Tesla working on wireless power in 1895

I wanted to put this up while I had it in mind, but I'll come back and update later as I have time and find new apps. I've only recently thought about taking the time to really work on a collection of science apps, but these are the ones we've always used a lot, and they're all great for pulling your head of work, school, video games, or social media. Send me some suggestions if you have recommendations and I'll give them a try!

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- Solar Walk is amazing (I have it on iPad). It lets you explore the solar system and beyond, zooming in on planets and moons. My kids and I all love it and it's easy for anyone to use. The resolution is great and you start feeling all Neil deGrasse-y after playing it for a few minutes. On top of the awesome zooming and locating features, as you would probably assume, there are tons of nifty little links and articles with info for you to read on the various cosmic bodies hurling through space.


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- StarWalk2 is a must have as well. You can use the AR (augmented reality, if you just found the internet) feature to look at the sky with your phone or tablet and see all the stars, constellations, satellites, space stations, and UFO crashes. It even sends you push notifications when a meteor shower is coming up soon. That way you can set a reminder to stick a tent on the ole apartment balcony and enjoy the view next Tuesday. The constellations are all sort of sculpted in 3D using a crystalline sort of effect, making them truly striking to behold, especially on the impressive retina display of an iPad.


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 - Google Earth is often forgotten or overlooked I think, by adults and kids alike. The app also sports some features long-time non-users may not have tried out yet. For instance, everyone totally digs the ability to fly down through the Grand Canyon in exactly the same way you move a Minecraft character. It really is too cool - video game-style movement and perspective, but in the real world. You should check it out if you haven't in a while.


- Amazing Science Facts: Review underway




 - 4D Anatomy: Review Underway




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 - All Trails may not seem like a "science app for kids" or a "science app" at all... but really, it is. This is the best app I've found for finding trails of all kinds, all over the country. Some of the best science you can do, either by yourself or with kids or friends, you can do outside. This is especially true at night, when you show someone a sky full of billions of stars for the first time ever, or give them their first look at a satellite streaming across the sky at thousands of miles per second. You can't see that stuff inside, and All Trails has been key in locating and reviewing trails that are just right for adults, dogs, and kiddos of all ages and fitness levels.


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