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Flat Earth Fails Flight Plan Test

Do the math on these flight plans and ask yourself one question: If you purchased a ticket and boarded a plane expecting a 12 hour flight headed due WEST over the OCEAN… but then noticed you were headed straight NORTH over LAND for 40 hours… would you just keep quiet about this? Do you think if this was happening on some of the biggest airlines in the world dozens of times daily, affecting thousands of people per year for the last half century, we would’ve at least seen a tweet about it by now? I tweet when my flight attendant brings me a free Jack & Coke going from Dallas to LA.

So here’s the deal… I pulled just a few flight plans from to illustrate conclusively that (as we’ve known for thousands of years), the earth is a sphere. I only pulled three flights, but you could do this all day. (Chile to Australia is my favorite) All you’d need to do to prove or disprove flat earth is show up at an airport in the right city and wait on one of these planes to land after a long east/west flight – the closer to the south pole you are, the better. You could meet a plane full of passengers as they pick up their luggage and ask if their flight took 4-5 times longer than expected, if they remember flying over land instead of ocean for hours, etc.

There are simply too many simple methods for verifying or debunking this. If you live anywhere near one of these airports and are too lazy to try this, you have no place at the table as far as I’m concerned.

It’s critical to realize that this is a total deal-breaker for flat earth. I understand that it seems appealing, because we know the government, NASA, and other agencies lie and coverup events and discoveries. But we shouldn’t just write everything off as a lie. Not to mention, it would take a lot more than NASA and any number of agencies to alter basic mathematics and common sense enough to allow for flat earth.

Use the flat earth map to the right to overlay flight paths and you’ll notice something. If the
earth was indeed flat, flights between certain points would take far longer than expected, would pass over completely wrong and identifiable points, landmarks, cities, etc., and be completely obvious to passengers. Hundreds of flights per year can be tracked and shown to follow real-world flight paths and not flat earth flight paths. Just look at this map and think about how insane you have to be to believe that a plane full of people flying from Chile to Sydney wouldn’t notice they were flying over the entire United States in the process. You get the point.


Brazil to South Africa: Notice the red (flat earth) flight path vs the actual real world flight path. It’s probably twice the distance and the directionality is nothing close to what passengers would expect. I’ve flown hundreds of times over the last decade for work and I can say for certain that people tend to notice even minor directional changes. They definitely notice when they’re flying over 2-3 countries they shouldn’t be, when they should be flying over the ocean.




South Africa to Atlanta: Imagine leaving South Africa expecting to head straight west for a couple hours and then see nothing but water for another 12 or so… but instead you fly almost straight north for like 14 hours over the Sahara (a bit of a landmark), past the Straights of Gibraltar, across the north atlantic, and down the coast of New Foundland and the eastern seaboard of the U.S. I found a crater from a plane once. I’ve seen the Grand Canyon from a plane. I’ve seen Albuquerque sitting in the shadow of the mountains at dawn. You can see this shit from the sky and there’s nothing “NASA” could do about it. I happen to have a buddy from South Africa who has made this flight many times. I will get him on video verifying this if I remember, but I shouldn’t have to. Common sense has to engage at some point, surely… right?

South Africa to Perth: This one isn’t quite as fun as Chile to Sydney, but it’s still a perfectly adequate illustration of the geographic impossibility of flat earth. Admittedly, this would be an easier flight path to fake in terms of observable landmarks, but there is no way a plane could make the red flight path in anything close to the appropriate amount of time as expected by the passengers and the laws of physics.





What I’ve noticed about flat earthers is that they always muddy the conversational waters with LOTS of claims about LOTS of different types of observations and poorly-applied math. Here’s the bottom line. If even ONE such flight as I’ve detailed here makes its destination on time, the earth can’t be flat. It’s just that simple. Considering thousands of such flights make their destinations on time every year, to the delight of their passengers, we can conclude that despite all the lies and coverups by malicious agencies (of which there are plenty), the Earth is in fact, a beautiful, blue globe.

Congratulations, we’ve graduated to ancient astronomical knowledge status. Take care.


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